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A new direction from the creators and distributers of iDarts gaming software.

Instead of simply controlling a game, control and organize an entire event with ease never before possible!

As you have come to expect from the creators of iDarts gaming software, the iDarts Events Pro user interface is easy to use and visually attractive. click here to read more...

iDarts v1.0 - v6.0 Professional Dart Gaming Software

You've seen other Dart Gaming Software out on the market; granted there aren't many to choose from. Well now you have the choice you have been waiting for!

Whether you're a seasoned dart player or a beginner and you have a computer, you'll love iDarts v1.0 - v6.0!

Do you have a laptop? Well that's the very best solution of all. You can take your iDarts v1.0 - v6.0 anywhere. Maybe you play darts in your garage, maybe you are going to the pub down the street to have a friendly game with a friend, or possibly you're the team captain of your dart league and what would be better way to keep the game moving along than with iDarts v1.0 - v6.0!

You're not left out in the cold...

iDarts v1.0 - v6.0 is the first software of it's kind to operate on both major platforms ~ Windows and Mac's!

For too long Mac users have been left out in the cold when it came to software selections, but with the advent of Intel's Dual Core's even Mac's can be running Window's. With that said however, 90% of Mac computer owners won't ever be putting Windows on there beautiful Mac's; they are Mac users through and through. So that's where the developers of iDarts v1.0 - v6.0 stand apart from all the rest. November Gold Software ~ developers of software that run on both platforms seamlessly. However, the downloads are platform specific so be aware of this when you are attempting to purchase iDarts v1.0 - v6.0!

A Game for Kings

Darts began in Medieval England. Historians surmise, because they don't know for certain, that those teaching archery shortening some arrows and having their students throw them at the bottom of any empty wine barrel. When the bottoms of wine barrels proved to be inconvenient or in short supply, some inventive dart thrower brought in a cross-section of a moderate sized tree.

The "board" provided rings, and when it dried out, the cracks provided further segmentation. This cracked and dried board began to evolve into what we now think of as the current dart board.

A game as fun as darts could not be hidden from the upper classes and they soon put their own stamp on the game. The often married Henry VIII was reputed to enjoy the game immensely. So much so, that he was given a beautifully ornate set by Anne Boleyn.

So the next time you put your toe to the line and raise a dart to the board, remember that there is a rich history behind this engrossing sport.